Bellos Audio X3 CIEM

Build Time:
2 Weeks
Key Features:
  • 3 driver hybrid design with 6mm dynamic bass driver
  • Crisp mids with full low-end tone
  • 'Air Canal' hybrid custom design for maximum comfort
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Bellos Audio is excited to present their newest offering, the Bellos Audio X3 In-Ear Monitors. The X3 is the result of years of research and development, and it delivers a sound quality that exceeds expectations. The X3 provides a natural energetic tonal coloration, especially in the lower register, thanks to the implementation of a 6mm dynamic low driver.

The X3 delivers an exemplary level of space and headroom for a triple driver IEM. With every instrument having its own space, the X3 provides a natural and dynamic sound that captures every nuance of your music. Bellos Audio is confident that the X3’s unique design, featuring our revolutionary In-Air Canal Technology, will set a new standard for custom in-ear monitors in the market today.

Like all X-Series, the X3 comes with a host of additional proprietary technologies such as ATOM Venting which greatly expands the soundstage, beautiful 3D Printed Matte Shells, the ultra-durable RCX Cable Connector, Modular Drivers and Removable Faceplates for quicker service and repairs.

In-Air Canals

If you’ve ever used Custom IEMs before, you know that when you open your jaw to sing or talk, your ear canals change shape. As a result the CIEMs sometimes lose seal and feel uncomfortable in the ear.

Introducing the revolutionary In-Air Canal technology from Bellos Audio. A proprietary design that enables a full seal at the aperture (the entrance) of the ear canal. Giving all the benefits of CIEMs with out the drawbacks. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you have them in! 

Atom Venting DiagramAtom Venting Diagram
ATOM Venting

A pressure relief system that vents air pressures that build up in a sealed ear canal. Expanding the soundstage and greatly reducing listener fatigue so you can hear more and listen longer. You no longer feel like you’re disconnected from your environment. 

3D Printing Diagram3D Printing Diagram
3D Printed Matte Shells

Using patented 3D Printing technology, Bellos Audio designs the Custom In-Ear Monitors inside a 3D software with nanometer precision. The parts are printed and efficiently assembled by hand, with very fast turnaround. Shortly after, the matte finish is applied to the CIEM shell to provide a very comfortable and organic fit with a “grippy” consistent seal.

RCX Cable DiagramRCX Cable Diagram
Optional RCX Cables

One of the most common points of failure is the cable. Bellos Audio's proprietary RCX Cable changes this. The only cable connection specifically made for Custom In-Ear Monitors. Rated for 5,000 connections without fail.

Removeable Faceplates DiagramRemoveable Faceplates Diagram
Removable Faceplates

A revolution in Custom In-Ear Monitor design. A conventional Custom IEM needs to be cut open to be repaired. Bellos Audio's design features a faceplate that is attached with alloy steel screws and allows them to quickly and efficiently repair Custom In-Ear Monitors.

Modular Drivers DiagramModular Drivers Diagram
Modular Drivers

The CIEM shell is designed to accept a pre-assembled driver package which is tested in advance to ensure it meets all specifications. Modular drivers are designed to be installed and removed without having to damage and destroy the CIEM shell.


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Drivers 3 (2 Balanced Armature drivers, 1 Dynamic Driver)
Frequency Response 20Hz – 18kHz
Impedance 17Ω at 1kHz
Sensitivity 116 dB/mW
Crossover Integrated 3-Way Crossover
Isolation -17dB (internal ATOM)

Audio Performance

Drivers3 Drivers
Sound Signature
Crisp mids with full low-end tone


Low Mid

Mid High


Resolution (8)

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