From your ears, to the stage.

Australia’s First In-Store 3D Ear Scans:

The best way to get custom fit.

Minidisc is the first store in Australia to offer end of end delivery of professional custom in-ear monitors.

From in-store or on-site ear scans, demos of custom in-ear monitors from leading brands, tailored advice and recommendations, quick turnaround and reliable after sales service - we are the custom fit specialists.

In-Store and On-Site 3D Ear Scans

In partnership with Auricle Digital, Minidisc is proud to be the first store to offer 3D ear scans for custom fit in ear monitors, earplugs and eartips.

3D ear scanning is a safe, convenient and accurate method of capturing the shape of your ears, without needing to go to an audiologist.

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Accurate, Fast and Comfortable.

3D ear scanning is a low contact 30 minute process that produces a more comfortable end product when compared to traditional impression methods.

This is because 3D scanning does not put pressure on the inner ear compared to using the standard method of injecting impression material in the ear.


Success rate*

*as of Feb 2024, based on the number of CIEMs Minidisc has sold using 3D ear scans which did not require refitting.

From your ears, to the stage.

With in-store 3D scans, product demos, expert advice, quick turnaround and reliable after sales service, you can trust Minidisc to help you get world class performance.

Why Minidisc?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A. Once we have your design and ear impressions / scan, your CIEM can be manufactured as quickly as 3 weeks depending on your chosen model. Some models may take up to 10 weeks to manufacture. In some cases we can do rush jobs for an additional fee.

    Minidisc can offer extremely fast turnaround for custom in-ear monitors in Australia because we can provide in-store 3D scans, and we do not have to physically mail any impressions.

  • A. Currently Minidisc charges $250 including GST for a 3D scan with your CIEM order. For $400 (GST inc.), we will also provide you with a copy of the file which you can use for future CIEM order with other manufacturers.

  • A. In partnership with Auricle Digital, Minidisc offers 3D ear scans using the latest light and laser based technology. According to a study into 3D scans by the US Army*, earpieces produced with this scanning technology are more comfortable than earpieces produced with physical impressions, or other competing 3D scanning systems. Unlike the traditional physical ear impression method, 3D scanning does not put pressure on the inner-ear during the scanning process.

    *Evaluation of Custom Hearing Protection Fabricated from Digital Ear Scanning and Traditional Methods, USAARL Report No. 2020-06

  • A. 3D ear scanning is safe and requires no contact with your ear. The process is less invasive than the traditional physical impression method as no material needs to be injected or removed from the ear, and there is no need for direct physical contact with the scanner. According to same US Army study*, 3D scanning reduces the risk of injury and inflammation when compared to physical ear impressions.

    *Evaluation of Custom Hearing Protection Fabricated from Digital Ear Scanning and Traditional Methods, USAARL Report No. 2020-06

  • A. Earwax is natural! In most cases, normal amounts of earwax will not prevent the 3D scanner from producing an accurate scan. In cases where you have large amounts of severely compacted earwax, we may have to direct you to an audiologist or your GP to have this removed safely.

  • A. We have found more than 95% of our customers will receive a CIEM that fits and isolates well. If your CIEM does not fit right, we will work with you to get the fit corrected free of charge if you let us know within 30 days of receiving the CIEM.

    Over a long period of time (several years), your ear may change shape. We can arrange for your CIEM to be refitted if this happens.

  • A. We can organise for the 3D scanner to travel to you, for an additional fee that includes travel costs incurred. You can opt to get a traditional physical impression and send this to us to order your CIEM. Please contact us for more details.

  • A. Depending on your profession and workflow, you will have different requirements for a CIEM. Minidisc can help advise you which model of custom in-ear monitor to select, and we have demo units of custom in-ear monitors to try out at our Chatswood store.

  • A. We are happy to help out with a group order! We can organise for your entire group to get 3D scans at your preferred location. Please contact us and we can discuss your needs.