Fir Audio

Founded in 2018 by brothers Bogdan & Alex Belonozhko, along with their friend Daniel Lifflander, FiR Audio brings together decades of expertise in creating advanced in-ear monitors. The FiR Audio team continually innovates, crafting the next generation of IEM products and further advancing IEM technology.

Fir Audio's products feature cutting edge technology such as kinetic bass (a hybrid conduction technology), atom venting (a pressure relief system that reduces listerner fatigue), open acoustics systems (open drivers with no sound tubes), and rigid technologies (proprietary technologies with industry leading durability).

Portrait of Musician

Professional advice, always.

Musicians have very different requirements for their gear general compared to consumers. Minidisc works with professional stage musicians, broadcast presenters and producers. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations, and we pride ourselves on offering good advice and stellar after sales service.

Why Minidisc?

Australia’s first in-store 3D ear scanning service.

In partnership with Auricle Digital, Minidisc can provide in-store or on-site 3D ear scans using the latest light and laser based technology. The 3D scan process is less invasive than the traditional physical impression method, and produces a more comfortable CIEM. 3D scans take 30 minutes or less, with a success rate of 95%.

Ear Scans
Australia’s first in-store 3D ear scanning service