Shure Radio Company was founded in 1925 by S. N. Shure as a one-man company selling AM radio kits and components. Since then, Shure equipment has become standard in many industries, valued for its quality and reliability. In 1942 Shure was a prime supplier of microphones and headphones to the Allied Forces. In 1973 the Shure SM7 voiceover microphone was introduced, and over the next decades it becomes a legendary model found in radio, television, recording, and podcasting studios worldwide.

Today Shure products are industry standard for many audio professionals. In the headphone space, they are a leading industry standard for their universal in-ear stage monitors and studio monitoring headphones.

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Professional advice, always.

Musicians have very different requirements for their gear general compared to consumers. Minidisc works with professional stage musicians, broadcast presenters and producers. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations, and we pride ourselves on offering good advice and stellar after sales service.

Why Minidisc?

Australia’s first in-store 3D ear scanning service.

In partnership with Auricle Digital, Minidisc can provide in-store or on-site 3D ear scans using the latest light and laser based technology. The 3D scan process is less invasive than the traditional physical impression method, and produces a more comfortable CIEM. 3D scans take 30 minutes or less, with a success rate of 95%.

Ear Scans
Australia’s first in-store 3D ear scanning service